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  • LTI-696, MN-25, QUPIC
  •  Quinolin-8-yl-1-pentyl-1H-indole-3-carboxylate

  • CAS: 1400742-17-7

  •  C23H22N2O2

The structure of QUPIC appears to utilise an understanding of structure-activity relationships within the indole class of cannabimimetics, although its design origins are unclear. QUPIC represents a structurally unique synthetic cannabinoid chemotype, since it contains an ester linker at the indole 3-position, rather than the precedented ketone of JWH-018 and its analogues, or the amide of SDB-001 and its analogues. PB-22 became popular in 2013 due to its worldwide legality. This is absolutely new and legal cannabinoid with very good properties. It can be compared to AKB-48.

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